Diet coke hunk andrew coope

Oh, no. A nebraska native, former army ranger. And we are so happy to have the new diet coke hunk, andrew cooper here. Not after we watched this advert. Rocky Morton said, "With this commercial we set out to put the Diet Coke Break back on the map - an iconic film that celebrates the confident playfulness of modern woman.

Replay for her? Did you see the tape?

Sexy 90s Diet Coke Commercial to Get 2013 Twist

He then has no choice but to remove his t-shirt in slow motion and wring it out, all to the soundtrack of Etta James's version of I Just Want to Make Love to You.

Did we lose andrew? The book is a great way to share the recipes. NewsComAuJanuary 30, The lucky man chosen to star in the new advert is year-old Andrew Cooper from Manchester, a father-of-two who part-owns a Notting Hill pet store called The Mutz Nutz. She wanted to know if you were going to take your shirt off.

The couple own a pet store called The Mutz Nutz, a store that is 'at the heart of the community and aims to work with the various local charities in re-homing unwanted animals,' says its website. I'm just happy to be part of it.

The Nearly 20-Year Wait For A Diet Coke Hunk To Replace Lucky Vanous Is Finally Over!

Dog lovers: You can play with the ginger levels on this one, but for me, the hotter the better. The ad, titled The Gardner, seems far removed from Copper's humble life, beginning with group of female friends sipping Diet Coke over lunch in a park and watching the handsome landscape gardener mowing the grass.

Wash all your ingredients and peel where instructed. It's only been out a while, but there's definitely been a lot of hype towards it. Have you thought about how this might change your life going forward? I like my juices green and this one is full of flavour from the lemongrass, coriander and ginger.

It is super-rich in chlorophyll, which is the energy-producing substance that gives herbs and plants their characteristic green colour. The company introduced the Diet Coke break man to its advertising in — featuring female office workers catching shirtless construction worker Lucky Vanous taking an Diet cokeSource: Merrill, who now stars inCSI and Californication, says: The launch of the high-profile campaign to support Diet Coke, which is positioned as a healthy no-calorie option, comes weeks after parent firm Coca-Cola launched a two-minute ad in the US in its first direct push to tackle the issue of obesity.

Diet Coke hunk Andrew Cooper launches a new cookbook called Juiceman

Diet Coke advertising: She's been good to me for all these years. After all that? For her. He opens it only to be sprayed with frothed up fizz, forcing him to remove his t-shirt Did you work with any nutritionists or dieticians when writing and researching the book?

I feel awkward at times.

Diet Coke 'hunk' to return in TV ad campaign

Pinterest Diet Coke's famous "hunk" is to return in a TV advertising campaign to mark the soft drink's 30th anniversary in Europe, with a British model chosen to bare his chiselled torso to female admirers for the first time.

Take a look at our gallery to see the pictures of all the Diet Coke hunks and watch all the videos below… Is it Hey, good morning. What else? What's this? Geyer said in early March that Diet Coke cans will be rebranded to celebrate the year milestone, as part of a year-long marketing campaign.

She loves it. I have a balanced diet and a green juice a day and an almond milk based protein smoothie a day, and personally I have never felt better!Andrew Cooper: s-pec-tacular. Diet Coke Model Andrew Cooper stars in a new Diet Coke "hunk" ad, almost 20 years after the soda brand aired its now-legendary Author: Jim Edwards.

Allow us to introduce the new Diet Coke hunk Andrew Cooper - sans shirt but owning a very impressive six-pack in the brand's new advert celebrating its 30th anniversary of the iconic soft drink Author: Digital Spy. · If the Diet Coke adverts featuring a sexy and shirtless Andrew Cooper covered in the soft drink aren't enough, check out the behind-the-scenes clip of Author: Digital Spy.

· To celebrate three decades of Coca-Cola light, go behind the scenes with the new Coca-Cola light man, Andrew Cooper in this exclusive Coca-Cola Light.

Andrew Cooper (actor)

The long awaited return of the iconic Diet Coke Hunk, is set to become one of the most talked about advertising campaigns of the year. Facebook fans will be amongst the first to catch a glimpse of the full advert, at the legendary time of am today (Monday 28th January).

tablet; Diet coke hunk is back inthis time it's a shirtless guy mowing the lawn. IT'S been 15 years since the last diet coke guy got his shirt off and made women swoon.

Diet coke hunk andrew coope
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